Bendit Thinking, present at the XXIV AEPE Conference of Foreign Advertising

18/06/2015 - News -

Hotel Beatriz, in Toledo, hosts, from yesterday until tomorrow, the XXIV Conference of Outdoor Advertising in which advertisers, advertising agencies, media agencies, exclusivist companies, public administration, and experts from all over Spain are participating. In this event, the latest trends, developments and timeliness of outdoor advertising will be displayed. The event was inaugurated by Antonio Morales, president of the AEPE, with Miguel Angel Garcia, CEO of Starcom, as the first speaker. In addition, Petra Plaza, Insights Director of Dentsu Network Aegis; Diego Delgado, Marketing Manager at Clear Channel Intelillence; Daniel Urruchua, associate director of TMT Factory; Carlos Lozano, CEO of the AIMC; Juan Sevilla, creative director of the agency LOLA; Mónica Deza, CEO of Thinking Bendit; Artemio Buneta, creative director of The Optimistic ideas; Lidia Sanz, Director General of the Spanish Association of Advertisers, will participate among other managers and strategists from the field.

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