El Nuevo Consumidor Digital

“The New Digital Consumer”

26/06/2015 - News

The presentation of the book “The New Digital Consumer”, by Angel Bonet, Juan Jose Delgado, Rafael Fernandez and Monica Deza, took place in Madrid yesterday. It was held at Deusto Business School, and a large group of managers and entrepreneurs attended the event.    More info.

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Mónica Deza

Present and future of digital signage

22/06/2015 - News

Mónica Deza, CEO of Bendit Thinking, gave a talk on digital signage on the second day of the XXIV Outdoor Advertising Conference, held in Toledo, Spain. In her talk, entitled “Smart Signage: New Measures of Effectiveness”, Deza shared her experience in measuring the effectiveness of…

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Bendit Thinking, present at the XXIV AEPE Conference of Foreign Advertising

18/06/2015 - News

Hotel Beatriz, in Toledo, hosts, from yesterday until tomorrow, the XXIV Conference of Outdoor Advertising in which advertisers, advertising agencies, media agencies, exclusivist companies, public administration, and experts from all over Spain are participating. In this event, the latest trends, developments and timeliness of outdoor…

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Encuentros DCH

The leader of the XXI century: How to identify, attract and retain them

17/06/2015 - News

The third of the DCH Meetings (International Organization for Human Capital Managers) attended by directors, members and officials within the field of Human Resources was held at the Hotel Westin Palace on June 16th. The panel discussion, moderated by Vivian Acosta, had the presence of…

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Neuroscience and Organizational Strategies

02/06/2015 - News

Bogota, May 29, 2015 María José Pérez-Cejuela, general director of the division of people of Bendit Thinking Spain, and Mario Sigfrido Huertas, CEO of Bendit Thinking Latam, were invited as speakers on the Plenary Forum, organized by the Presidents Forum.

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